Car Value Calculator based on Residual Percentage - Low, Average, and High

Looking to sell or trade-in your car or buy a used car? But don't know what a good deal is? Well, please use the form on the right to help you out.

Please note that the values of this calculator has been broken up into ranges of low, average, and high because a car's residual percentage value will differ by model, make, and year each year. To get a more exact number I recommend calling a dealership near you.

These calculations were based on the assumption that:

  • The first year depreciates fastest
  • Low depreciation was set at 27%
  • Average depreciation was set at 33%
  • High depreciation was set at 39%
  • Depreciation after the first year is set at 20%

As always, I hope you find this calculator helpful.

Car Value Calculator

Just enter your car's original MSRP and how many years old it is. When you enter these values, the form will auto calculate the estimated costs of you car for low, average, and high depreciation.

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